We are transparent, solid and sustainable.

As the insulating glass units we produce.

Cristalsud has been a reference point in the flat glass sector since 1977. We produce cutting-edge insulating glass units that improve people’s lives and ensure high living comfort.

The value of our company is in our actions. We invest in technology and innovation, we constantly look for new technical and production solutions and collaborate everyday with professionals and partners of excellence.

Cristalsud is not only technology but also attention to customers, reliability, transparency and responsibility. Because at the base of what we do there are the trust and satisfaction of the people who rely on us.
Cristalsud has always been sensitive to sustainability and energy saving.

Our aim is to create value while respecting the environment. This is why we are committed to producing efficient solutions that help people reduce consuming and optimize resources.




Cristalsud has obtained the Industrial Product Certification in compliance with the standard UNI EN 1279: 2004 parts 1; 2; 3; 4.

CSI CERT certification is a guarantee of the constant commitment made by the company to achieve specific objectives and to improve the relationship with both customers and suppliers.




Cristalsud has obtained the CE marking: it indicates that the product meets all the requirements set by the Construction Products Directive (CPD) of the European Commission.

CE Marking indicates that:

  • The product fulfills the CPD requirements and other European Directives regarding the Marking;
  • The product complies with European technical standards and has been subjected to specific conformity assessment procedures;
  • The product is fit for its intended use in compliance with the article 2(1) of CPD;
  • The product can circulate freely in all EU countries;

also the products imported into the EU from other States must be CE marked in order to be marketed.



Cristalsud srl has joined the project “Marchio Posa Qualità” which aims to enhance the quality production certificated by the CSICERT-UNI Mark.