Quality of life also means feeling safe in every environment. Laminated safety glass is produced by assembling two or more Float glass sheets with one or more interlayers: the most common is polyvinyl butyral (PVB) which is joined to the glass by hot processing and under pressure.

The interlayers guarantee the integrity of the glass, retaining the fragments in case of breakage. The stratified layers offer different levels of security that depend on the number of glass panels and interlayers used.

Protection against wounds and cuts:

  • Prevention of the risks of cuts and injuries due to accidental impact
  • 2 glass panels – minimum 1 PVB
  • Class 2B2-1B1

Protection against defenestration:

  • Prevention of falls through windows in case of accidental breakage
  • 2 glass panels – minimum 2 PVB
  • Class 1B1

Basic protection:

  • Vandalism
  • 2 glass panels – minimum 2 PVB
  • Classes P1A-P2A

Medium protection:

  1. Minor acts of vandalism
  2. 2 glass panels – minimum 4 PVB
  3. Classes P3A-P4A

High protection:

  • Resists premeditated attacks by attackers with limited intervention time (deterrent against burglary and theft)
  • 2 glass panels – minimum 6 PVB
  • Class P5A